Appeal for Equipment

Shure Microphones

A few weeks ago St Boswells Live! applied for a grant from the Scottish Communities Foundation, one of the few organisations that provide small grants to community ventures. This was to purchase a range of equipment so that we can play host to bands and more complicated performer setups, providing a much better experience for both performers and audiences.

Unfortunately our application was turned down because no funder could be matched to our club, which leaves us in a tricky situation, having to rely on performers to bring equipment that we should be providing, and not being able to host the majority of acts. Although we do have a decent PA and speakers, apart from a couple of old microphones that’s about it.

Which is why we are now appealing to anyone who might be able to provide equipment to help our community music club, whether it be second hand or new. Here is a list of what we need:

2 x wedge monitors with loop-back (master-slave setup)
Monitor amplifier (if using passive monitors, not required for powered ones)
16+4 stage box / loom with sufficient cable for back of hall.
2 x Shure SM58 dynamic microphones (for vocals) + stands
2 x Shure SM57 dynamic microphones (for amp mic) + stands
2 x twin-channel DI boxes
8 x 5m male-female XLR cables
4 x 5m jack to XLR cables

But we are also happy to receive any other equipment people might have, including lighting, providing it’s in decent condition. If any music equipment suppliers or shops are interested, then we might be able to provide advertising in exchange for equipment.

If you are able to help us then please contact Keith on 01835 822692, or email

Many thanks.


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