Show Dates

Saturday 19th September

The Corn Potato String Band + Kevin Pearce



The Corn Potato String Band has earned high praise in traditional American music, keeping old time fiddle and banjo music from a one-way trip to the dustbins of history. Theirs is a story of struggle, hard knocks and triumph. Essentially unable to cope with modern life, the members of this band are outcasts of society who survive by playing the lost music of the flatlands where they were raised.

The Corn Potatoes have delighted audiences with their driving fiddle tunes and harmonious singing across the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and India. They are all multi-instrumentalists dedicated to continuing the music and dance traditions of the Central and Southern US. In addition to being champion fiddlers they play banjo, guitar, bass and mandolin and deftly handle many different antiquated styles including ballads, “ho-downs,” country “rags” and southern gospel, specializing in twin fiddling and double banjo tunes.

Unlike most who would put voice to a music that ascends the skies all the while casting anxious glances back at the retreating piano keys, Kevin Pearce kisses the clouds and soars onwards before descending to alight on one chosen note so golden as to cause him to languish a while before leaving…more to the point, he is a brilliant singer, songwriter and guitarist who draws comparison with Cat Stevens in his 60s prime and, more recently Tom McRea. His songs are droll, sensitive and always knowing – a headliner in his own right!

Doors open 7.30pm for an 8pm start. Tickets available via link on right or at top of the item.

Saturday 17th October

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman



Two of the British folk scenes most accomplished performers, Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman have graced stages the world over in a number of guises, however, the intimacy and strength of passion shown as a duo, combined with an eclectic repertoire ensures a rare treat for any listener.

Twin daughters and a folk-rock whirlwind forced Kathryn (Vocals / Piano / Woodwind), and Sean (Guitar), to sideline their popular duo performances in the mid noughties. After almost a decade, 2012 saw a spectacular return in conjunction with their critically acclaimed album ‘Hidden People’. Awards and much praise followed and the couple re-established themselves as one of the top British folk duos with regular plays on BBC Radio 2 and headline performances at major venues across the country.

Recent St Boswells Live! headliner Dan Walsh could not speak too highly of them, and was delighted they would be performing for us.

Supporting Kathryn & Sean are the Kirsty Law Duo, comprising vocalist Kirsty Law, and her musical partner Marit Fält (Låtmandola and cittern) who together perform both self-written and traditional Scots songs. Their recent local performance at the Rolling Hills Folk Club was a great success, and we are delighted they have decided to come along the Tweed to meet the St Boswells audience for what promises to be a remarkable evening.

Saturday 28th November

Zűrös Banda


No doubt any tabloid would introduce Zűrös Banda as a Hungarian world music “supergroup”. However such boastfulness is far from the characteristics of the band – though, it is true that the members of Zűrös Banda are prominent figures of the Hungarian world music scene. Amongst the years of friendship, the main reason for founding the band was the mutual love for modern Balkan music.

Zűrös Banda plays a unique mix of various Eastern-European and Balkan styles. They carefully blend Romanian, Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian and Hungarian music with elements of jazz and modern dance music styles and create a unique sound that is Zűrös Banda. St Boswells Live! is honoured to have helped make the band’s first European tour possible, and have secured a superb Saturday gig when the group will be at the peak of their musical journey.

Providing delightful support will be whistle and fiddle maestro Elisabeth Flett, who is reaching stratospheric levels with her traditional musical talent – one tune was enough for our promoter to book her on the spot!