Show Dates

Saturday 28th November

Zűrös Banda


No doubt any tabloid would introduce Zűrös Banda as a Hungarian world music “supergroup”. However such boastfulness is far from the characteristics of the band – though, it is true that the members of Zűrös Banda are prominent figures of the Hungarian world music scene. Amongst the years of friendship, the main reason for founding the band was the mutual love for modern Balkan music.

Zűrös Banda plays a unique mix of various Eastern-European and Balkan styles. They carefully blend Romanian, Serbian, Gypsy, Macedonian and Hungarian music with elements of jazz and modern dance music styles and create a unique sound that is Zűrös Banda. St Boswells Live! is honoured to have helped make the band’s first European tour possible, and have secured a superb Saturday gig when the group will be at the peak of their musical journey.

Providing delightful support will be whistle and fiddle maestro Elisabeth Flett, who is reaching stratospheric levels with her traditional musical talent – one tune was enough for our promoter to book her on the spot!



Saturday 30th January 2016


Gala-based rock band Torino headline a great night of music, supported by singer-guitarist Sunjay. Expect something very special from this St Boswells Live! showcase of superb songwriting.