You Should Have Been There…

From The Southern Reporter, December 01, 2011

There are some nights that remain fresh in your memory for years to come and last Friday at St Boswells village hall will be one of them for me, writes Alan Kinghorn.

It wasn’t because the hall was cold enough to freeze a brass monkey or that there was only a small but select group of music lovers huddled together for warmth round candles and glowing heaters. No, the reason the night will remain with me is because of the sheer class of musical entertainment.

Not only were we treated to some great local talent, including a superb symphony on viola and a surprise late acoustic slot from Gala’s Craig Jeffrey, but the official support slot was led by Berwick’s own musical troubadour, Iain Petrie. His songs of love and loss filled the hall with magic and mystery, and then there was an added treat when he invited two friends to join him on backing vocals.

Anna Emmins (lead singer with eclectic soul band Electric Penelope) was joined by her Mammatones bandmate Lizzie Bell and the sound they all created was nothing short of heavenly. Mouths were dropping open all over the hall as their blend of ‘Andrews Sisters’ harmonies took Iain’s songs to new heights. All all this before the main act hit the stage.

Boo Hewerdine is a singer / songwriter of immense talent. If you have never heard of him, you will have heard his songs made famous by Eddi Reader – think of all her hits and Boo probably wrote them. He also wrote for KD lang and other luminaries in this country and the US.

From the off Boo did away with the mics and PA, and came down from the stage into the audience, where we all gathered around as if it was a living room (all be it a cold one). In that intimate setting he took us through his greatest hits alongside some new songs, with us joining in, and it was a magic that continued well into the evening, till all too soon it was over and we left satisfied.

If you were there then I am sure you will remember that evening with a large grin on your face. If you weren’t then you missed something very special and you had better get your tickets early for the next St Boswells Live event because it is sure to be worth every penny.

(And by the next one, we’ll have heating!)


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