Progress Report for August

As you can read on the About page, St Boswells Live! is a non-profit club that exists for two reasons. First, it is about bringing music to a community, and getting that community involved in the act of putting on and attending shows; this engenders an important sense of belonging that many communities (or, sadly, ex-communities) are increasingly lacking, with little to bring people together. Village halls and community centres play such an important part in this, and we are very lucky to have such a wonderful example to use.

Second, and closely related, St Boswells Live! has the side-effect of making a little bit of money for the hall we use, not just the monthly rental we pay (a peppercorn rent, really) but any profits made from the evenings are put back into the hall to help with its operation – paying bills, keeping it well-maintained and so on. We are also pleased to be hosting the annual Hooley – which has traditionally been just a disco-cum-party in the hall, but which will now also include a live band to take St Boswells into the new year.

So far St Boswells Live! is in the black, although it will take a few more successful evenings to ensure its long-term success, but things are looking good. The July evening, headlined by Jesse Rae (another stalwart of the St Boswells community, being a major part of the local community radio station, Brick FM and having also taken extensive video archive footage of St Boswells’ life) and supported by Caileen Hogg was reasonably successful, financially, and hugely memorable for everyone that attended. Prior to this, the June show with Carly Blain and Antic Hay put a nice bit of money in the hall coffers, and the audience came from all over to enjoy what our village has to offer.

Following the almost full opening night with Kieran Halpin, the “Open Mic” evening was a bit of a disappointment, but only in terms of audience size. We booked three of the acts to come back as support acts for future shows, so it’s always worth coming up on stage and having a go; you never know. This month we are hosting the wonderful Archie Fisher and expect a full house, so maybe we’ll also be able to afford some more lighting to give us more flexibility. Any donations or grants towards equipment, such as monitors and microphones are always welcome. Please contact us via if you can help.

Here’s to a great future of live music in St Boswells.


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