Jesse Rae Comes Home in July

A real treat for July 29th, 2011! We have secured an evening with local legend, funk supremo and performer of what could have been the new Scottish National Anthem, Jesse Rae.

Jesse Rae hails from St Boswells but his reputation spreads far beyond the Borderlands, stretching Across The Sea to the dancehalls of New York which still echo with the strains of Odyssey’s Inside Out, his most famous penned hit. Rest assured this will be a night of funk, fun and surprises.

Jesse is supported by the angelically-voiced Caileen Hogg who surprised and entranced us in May with her talent and her musicality.

Tickets are priced at just £8 (£4 for under 12s, free for under 5s), available to buy from St Boswells Post Office, or can be reserved by calling 01835 822692. Doors open at 7.45pm at St Boswells Village Hall.


One thought on “Jesse Rae Comes Home in July

  1. Many Thanks to all who participated,helped and organised,with my show and other performers on Friday 29th July. Power tae Bosils Village Hall Yours Jesse Rae

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